“MyPegasus” is a revolutionary platform for sales and service in the tuning world,

In this Website you can get updated, purchase and find all the innovations, products and technologies of "Frieling-Racing Ltd".

“Frieling-Racing” provides companies and specific customers around the world with reading and writing tools for ECU and TCU for more than a decade!!

100% of our products is developed and manufactured at our factory.

after a decade that we provide the leading companies in the field and help them develop and grow their own softwares 

We decided to open the platform to provide the general public with the quality, professionalism and consistency Which are our values that the large companies

have been Enjoyed them from us for a more then a decade,

Therefore, each of our products is produced by only one person to meet the stringent requirements and standards we set for ourselves,

One of the proofs is the quantity of quality tests that each of the products undergo before each shipment:

3 quality checks for the hardware

1 quality check for the programme

Once everything is done and meets our requirements, the product comes out of the factory for shipment! 

“MyPegasus” works from an office in the “Frieling-Racing's” Place to create high quality, fast production and ordering capabilities While emphasizing quality and service!

We would love you to join our family, we both want a faster and more quality world

We were happy to meet you,

best regards

Dvir Ashkenazi (the owner of “Mypegasus”).