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Product Description

Frieling-Racing  “End-User Cable”

It is the first device of its kind in the field, developed for personal use

Has “USB to OBDII” connections, which allows quality and professional reading and writing ECU,

Like the other products of “Frieling-Racing” this product is 100% manufactured by just one person to satisfy the

company's stringent requirements,

The decidedly high standards of “Frieling-Racing” continue to such an extent that each product without

exception undergoes 4 quality tests before sending to the customer ( 3 tests for the hardware and one for software) ,

“Frieling-Racing’s” powerful hardware  and stringent standards boast them to create the ultimate end-user tool

and that's just the tip of the iceberg:

Significantly simplify the reading and writing process of your computer.

Provide the customer with the best user experience while also the easiest on the market!

Has amazing software inside - that guarantees incredible stability and professionalism!

Created for one vehicle (can be used many times on the same vehicle).

passes 4 quality tests (3 for hardware and 1 for the program).

 the END-USER cable is must locked to a MASTER-cable” (when you purchase this product in the checkout session you need to choose a “MASTER-cable that the “END-USER cable” need to coded to, if you do not haveMASTER-cable” you should choose from our list with tuners that we work with, We collected the best individual tuners).

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