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Product Description

Frieling-Racing MASTER cable

Is an encryption and decryption device specially developed to meet all the needs of workshops and tuners,

has "USB to OBDII" connections, enabling high quality reading and writing ECU.

Like the other products of "Frieling-Racing" , this product is 100% manufactured by just one person to satisfy

the company's stringent requirements,

The decidedly high standards of "Frieling-Racing" continue to such an extent that each product without

exception undergoes 4 quality tests before sending customer( 3 test's for hardware and one for software) ,

"Frieling-Racing's" powerful hardware, clean program and stringent standards  boast them creating the ultimate

tool for workshops and tuners and this is just the beginning, the instrument was designed for:

Significantly simplify the reading and writing process of your computer.

Provide the customer with the best user experience and the easiest time on the market!

Has amazing software inside - that guarantees incredible stability and professionalism!

Ability to use unlimited times on different vehicles

Decrypt and Encrypt capability

The "END-USER/SLAVE cables" are bound to be coded for Master!

Receives your new serial number - giving you full control and the ability to encrypted and decrypted files for devices that coded to your serial number!

Ability to add protocols (you can buy from this site).

The Frieling-Racing "MASTER-cableIs used to encrypt and decrypt files connected to the “END-USER/SLAVE-cable“.

- Decrypt-is necessary to open the file in a binary tuning software.

- Encrypt-is necessary for the Iflash cable.

When you received a file from “END-USER/SLAVE-cable”, you need to decrypt it , after you changed the file ,To flash it back to the vehicle you need to encrypt it and sent back to the “END-USER/SLAVE-cable” .

The (IFLASH MASTER-cable) is not unlimited type if you want flash with it multiple cars you need    to buy a “ECU” protocol family.

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