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Product Description

Frieling-Racing slave cable

Is a device developed for an unlimited number of purchases that is best for dealers or repeat sellers,

Has “USB to OBDII” Connections, for quality reading and writing ECU,

Like the other products of "Frieling-Racing" , this product is 100% manufactured by just one person to satisfy

the company's stringent requirements,

The decidedly high standards of "Frieling-Racing" continue to such an extent that each product without

exception undergoes 4 quality tests before sending customer( 3 test's for hardware and one for software) ,

"Frieling-Racing’s" strong hardware and stringent standards  boast this amazing tool that has the capabilities:

Significantly simplify the reading and writing process of your computer.

Provide the customer with the best user experience and the easiest time on the market!

Has amazing software inside - that guarantees incredible stability and professionalism!

Ability for several vehicles (unlimited).

Ability to add protocols (you can buy from this site)!


The difference between the “SLAVE-cable” and the “MASTER-cable” is that the “MASTER-cable” can encrypt or decrypt files. ( So its mean that SLAVE cable is locked to its MASTER cable device.)

The “SLAVE-cable” only comes with functionality (work with proper protocol license that you can buy from this website .)

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