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Second Engineer - Rory Gillanders
Second Engineer, Rory Gillanders - British

Rory, a highly qualified marine engineer holds a Y1 marine license. Rory has been at sea for over 20 years. His total sea miles, on a variety of sail and motor, add up to 6 times around the world.  Rory has been in charge of engine rooms large and small thus provides strong support to chief engineer Len.  Off duty his passions are flying, film making and photography. Name an exotic location and he’s probably landed a helicopter on it.

IT/AV Officer, Ben Capobianco
IT/AV Officer, Ben Capobianco - American

Scott is originally from Massachusetts but was raised in New Hampshire. He has over 14 years in the electronic industry and now has 2 years in this field in yachting. He has worked for companies starting at the bottom, working up to management level and has run two successful audio/video land based companies. Scott is here to ensure the complicated electronic system and devices onboard will run without error for the duration of your stay. Scott is also an avid rock-climber and hiker which he loves to participate in during his spare time.

Third Engineer, Fritz Neil
Third Engineer, Fritz Neil - Jamaican

Fritz was born and raised in St Mary, Jamaica which is where his passion for boating began. He studied for three years at the Caribbean Maritime Institute in Kingston and proceeded to work for the Jamaican Defense Force and Coast Guard. Prior to joining Pegasus V he spent 2 years working in the Commercial Shipping Industry. When not aboard, Fritz enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Fourth Engineer, Matthew Hyde
Fourth Engineer, Matthew Hyde - Australian

Matt from New South Wales, Australia has spent the past 2 years as a Drilling and Structural Engineer specializing in Material Science and Project Management. His need for travel and working more ‘hands on’ lead him to yachting where his knowledge and abilities could merge and help enhance your experience onboard Pegasus V.  Matt especially enjoys surfing, snowboarding, and hunting.